Strategic Organizational Planning


A Strategic Plan could easily be described as your organization’s roadmap for future success. Intuitively you know where you want your business to go, but either due to a lack of time or resources, find it almost impossible to create, broadcast and execute your vision.

You are not alone. Approximately 40% of organizations create, but only 10% actually follow their Strategic Plan.

Your Strategic Plan must be forward-looking and achievable, while at the same time be striving towards the continuous improvement of key business processes. The organization must manage both short and long term objectives equally well in order to achieve success. To this end, EnPower Group uses a two-pronged Strategic Planning approach. It provides the long-term stability allowing you to execute the organization’s 3 to 5 year breakthrough efforts, while maintaining focus on continuously improving the day-to-day key business processes.


What can you expect from EnPower Group?


Identify your Strategic Planning team
Lead your team through the Strategic Planning process
Teach – How to plan
Share – Templates and documents
Support – Track progress to plan

* Provide focus on your organization’s breakthrough objectives
* Aid in the development of plans that adequately support your objectives
* Perform a systematic progress review of these plans
* Drive effective and timely changes to plans as required
* Contribute to the continuous improvement of key business processes
* Ensure that everyone within the organization is working toward the same goals

EnPower Group will work with you to develop a Strategic Plan for your organization. We will continuously monitor the planning process, with specific detail on the overall performance to plan.

Most importantly, we teach key staff members the strategic planning process, ensuring future internal review, modification and sustainability.

EnPower Group…Sharing Knowledge, Growing Value