About Us

EnPower Group is a high performance consulting firm that uses proven processes and methods to help our clients achieve and maintain sustainable results.

Unlike multinational consulting firms, EnPower Group is committed to developing personal, long-lasting relationships. We consistently earn our invitation to come back by our clients by showing how we add and how they realize value. Our approach is flexible, innovative and creative; leading to unprecedented value for organizations striving to improve operational and bottom line performance.

EnPower Group focuses on 5 things

  • Helping clients establish where they are?
  • Where they want to be?
  • Where they can be?
  • How can they get there?

How to improve Enterprise Operational Performance – Wherever there is human activity – Professional, Service, Distribution and/or Manufacturing organizations

From Individual, Management, Executive Team mentoring/coaching up to establishing and sitting on Advisory Boards

Assisting business owners in how to realize maximum value for their business and making sure they get paid

Often we can recommend/locate firms that can provide other services at the same EnPower Level of quality

EPG Warranty

EnPower Group is unique amongst consulting firms in that we:

1. Provide a WARRANTY for our work
2. Quote on a fixed price basis
3. Do not execute punitive cancellation clauses

EnPower Group Warrantees that you will have full investment recovery within 12 months, most often before the end of our contract. All of our clients receive value through a combination of one-time savings and sustainable efficiencies.

You are able to free up working capital, reduce operational costs, decrease lead times, reduce inventory, increase both capacity and profitability.

It is in everyone’s best interest to avoid “Project Scope Creep”. To ensure you receive the maximum value from our team, it is imperative that we both have a clear understanding from the start. This includes all deliverables, time commitments and of course project cost.