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EnPower Group is a high performance consulting firm that

uses proven processes and methods to help our clients

achieve and maintain sustainable results.

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Increased enterprise performance and profitability through the belief that no activity should exist unless it adds value;

Performance without waste.

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Increased profitability by fully understanding

Where you are now?

Where you want to go?

How you will get there?

Who needs to do what?

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Continually helping you develop new ways

to impact your bottom line.

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Whether you are a seller or buyer, EnPower Group’s

structured process provides you with the highest level of

service and success.

Warranty EnPower Group Warranties that you will have full investment recovery before the end of our contract.

A Lean Enterprise is defined as an organization in which all functions are trying to serve their customers by trying to achieve "performance without waste.” Many organizations apply resources to non value producing activities, resulting in higher costs, lost sales and reduced competitiveness.


A Strategic Plan could easily be described as your organization’s roadmap for future success. Intuitively you know where you want your business to go, but either due to a lack of time or resources, find it almost impossible to create, broadcast and execute your vision.

Let EnPower Group’s experience, proven methodology and extensive network of associates help assess your current opportunity and identify either prospective buyers or investment opportunities.

You see the opportunities. You understand the importance of acting on these opportunities. Unfortunately time is finite and in many cases your resources are fully extended.

The EnPower Management Support Program will allow you to take full advantage of your organizational potential.