Lean Enterprise Management


We are all facing today’s economic challenges. Increased competition for shrinking markets amplifies the need to bolster productivity, reduce costs and increase sales. Becoming a Lean Enterprise will help you do that and more.



What is a Lean Enterprise?


A Lean Enterprise is defined as an organization in which all functions are trying to serve their customers by trying to achieve "performance without waste.” Many organizations apply resources to non value producing activities, resulting in higher costs, lost sales and reduced competitiveness.

In a Lean Enterprise:

Value is measured by determining if the activity progresses through the value stream without taking unnecessary steps…no activity should exist unless it adds value

The fundamentals of lean enterprise are designed to identify and eliminate waste throughout the entire organization and supply chain, resulting in a more efficient and profitable business.

Up to 90% of an organization’s available resources can be wasted due to idle people, equipment and inventory; or through improper management of material, time and information.

EnPower Group helps you implement Lean Enterprise principles to drastically cut this percentage of waste, improving quality, productivity and most importantly profitability.

Some Typical Reductions and Improvements Gained through Lean



Many of our clients do not feel that they can effectively introduce Lean Enterprise concepts and processes in their organization. EnPower Group’s structured process allows us to help you assess the current state of your Enterprise and to identify and develop ways to ensure that Lean concepts and processes contribute to the overall performance of your organization, now, but most importantly, in the future.

Lean Enterprise looks at all of the activities, from the first contact with a prospect to cashing the cheque in payment of goods or services provided. All of these activities are inter-related and need to be in balance.



What are the advantages of being a Lean Enterprise?


There are 3 short term advantages of being a Lean Enterprise.

  • Improved Profitability
  • Enhanced Cash Flow
  • Increased Liquidity


These 3 short term advantages should start to become evident within 8 to 16 weeks and should be sustainable forever.

There are 4 medium term advantages of being a Lean Enterprise.

  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Greater employee satisfaction and retention
  • More customers
  • More business from existing customers


These 4 medium term advantages should start to become evident within 16 to 24 weeks and should also be sustainable.


What are the Benefits of being a Lean Enterprise?


Lean is not a cost cutting exercise. It is a growth opportunity that accumulates the reduced costs and delivers them to the bottom line through the elimination of waste for which the customer does not wish to pay.

  • Customers view Lean Enterprises differently – easier to deal with, fair prices, consistent quality…they buy more…increasing your market share.
  • Customers view Lean Enterprises as Preferred Suppliers.


How do you become a Lean Enterprise?


A company becomes Lean by identifying and eliminating wasteful activities. The most common elements of waste are:



Effective Lean Enterprises harvest the Value of the Human intellect (ideas, suggestions, and better ways) of their entire workforce. They create a culture, structure and process to identify and eliminate waste.


How do I know if my company can benefit from being a Lean Enterprise?


Over the course of a meeting, usually between 1 – 3 hours, we will be able to identify areas where you can benefit. We will also put some scope around the dollar Value of the benefit you can expect.

We do this on a NO COST/NO OBLIGATION basis. We look forward to assisting your organization to maximize their potential as a Lean Enterprise.