Maximizing Exit Strategy

Many business owners are worried that they are not capable of objectively assessing their investment and assuring that they obtain the highest value for it. We are constantly told that they would like to be able to evaluate the prospective opportunity accurately and fairly so that the most effective transaction can be executed in a timely manner.

Let EnPower Group’s experience, proven methodology and extensive network of associates help assess your current opportunity and identify either prospective buyers or investment opportunities.

Our structured process whether a seller's or buyer's mandate provides you with the highest level of service and success.


Seller's Mandate


• Assist client in establishing an effective valuation of the enterprise
• Identify potential investors by industry
• Determine if a Management Buyout (MBO) is an realistic option
• Develop and publish a "blind" profile to previously identified potential buyers/investors and affiliated M&A professionals
• Open communications with respondents to the "blind" profile and obtain formal Non Disclosure Agreements
• Provide Details of the Investment Opportunity to those bound by the NDA
• Facilitate meetings with prospective investors
• Represent or assist the client in negotiations with the prospective investor
• Where required EnPower can be contracted under a separate mandate to ensure the performance of the enterprise until all payments have been completed


Buyer's Mandate


• Assist client in defining investment parameters
• Identify potential investment targets that meet above criteria
• Open communications with potential targets to confirm their interest, if any
• Facilitate meetings with prospective targets
• Represent or assist the client in negotiations with the prospective targets